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Projector and Screen Rental

Projector Rental Rates:

$75.00 / day

$125.00 / weekend

Screen Rental Rates:

$50.00 / day

$75.00 / weekend

Our rental projector is an InFocus in34. We want you make this whole projector rental thing as easy as possible, so here's a picture of the back of the projector:

projector back.jpg

For video input our projector has VGA, RCA, and S-Video input connections. It is important to note that the connector that looks like a regular DVI connection is actually wider than most DVI connections.


To use an HDMI source, an adapter will be required. We can include the adapters you need with the projector (as long as it exists and we have it). We encourage you to call and ask any questions you may have about getting things connected beforehand. 

Tips for a stress-free projection experience:

1. Always test your setup before showtime. The Law of Video Presentation guarantees you will have kinks in the system to work out, whether it's a slow laptop, a corrupted PowerPoint presentation file, speakers that refuse to speak, or what have you. 

2. The projector does have speakers, but it is recommended that you use separate speakers for better sound quality and volume.

3. No display? Check the lens cap.

4. If the projector is higher or lower than the screen, you may need to adjust the keystone settings to fix image distortion. 

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